Lonely Boy

I can't stay alone without you,

Tell me what can I do,

I can't live without your lovely heart,

I just want to say that we can make nice days,

Please come to me now,

Take my hand and come with me to the place you want will be, I just want you to come with me, I want you any way, I can't live without your bosom, I know that your heart wants me so I want to stay by your side,

You are in my mind every night and day, I want you always with me,

I know that you need me but you shy, so hurry up come to me now, I need you too,

Tell me about your feeling don't fear, you are in my heart I love you from the start, I like you so real, I love you from the bottom of my broken heart, please come on soon,

I can't forget your sweetie face, I want to be by your side for ever, I want to be close to you, come on now don't let me alone, I like your love, if you want love this is your chance, you have a good chance don't lose it,

I would do any thing, I would give you my world, I would wait forever, to be yours,

I am sitting here alone up in my home and thinking about your love, hey lady don't be shy tell me about your feel soon,

This is our chance to make a happy life, I don't know how to live without your love,

My loneliness is killing me,

Believe me I really love you, baby come on and tell me that you love me I'll make you happy,

You are the beat of the drum in my heart, you are the blood in my artery, you are in my eyes, lady can't you see that I love you,

I really want to see your trends could I get that come on, all I want to do is get with you, so many times I have looked into your eyes and all I see, is the love for me.

You be the honey I never could forget.

Written by: Ali Saad Ali - 2000 AD



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